With the ever-growing number of bloggers and vloggers popping up across the internet, it would seem that deciding relevant content would be the first step for someone entering a competing market. Then again, I don’t consider myself as competing with anyone. I am my own competition. I have a list of dreams and a list of to-dos’ before I kick the proverbial bucket, so from here on in, my only competition is me and time! And in my own fashion, when unable to make a choice of specific activities, I’ll normally choose them all. This blog should hopefully facilitate lateral accomplishments.

FOOD: So, for those that already know me, I’m a massive foodie. For those unlucky enough to follow my social media, including Snapchat and Instagram, you’ll know I post without limits. Foods from all over the world, whether prepped at home or restaurant based I feel should be shared with the world through colour and beauty. Unfortunately, taste is the one sensation most lacking in a visual representation of food. My diet is also changing, although more on this later…

DRINK: I considered writing a blog as a beverage connoisseur but found myself asking questions regarding my pallet and whether my liver could handle being an alcoholic beverage blogger; as much fun as that would be. I could easily have taken the option to be a non-alcoholic beverage blogger, although what fun would that be? I thought I’d go back to the drawing board; beer-in-hand.

TECH: I figured anyone could do a tech review, it was as simple as finding a gadget and then coming up with something to write about it, repeat this process enough times and maybe get noticed…

…but then I had a thought!

I wasn’t blogging to be noticed, I wanted to do something more fun and wanted to blog about something I wanted to blog about, something that was important to me, about sharing an idea and sharing a message and asked myself what it is that I was interested in. Granted, I’m massively into tech in my personal life, so maybe an avenue to incorporate this into my work.


Admittedly and naively while also mildly selfishly, I’ve never really had any single interest, but an interest in many things and a wide range of activities. I’ve constantly been called a jack-of-all-trades which recruiters will frown upon for being a master of none. Including all the above, food, drink, tech, travel, and more, the world in the palm of your hands. I’ve searched for a little inspiration in the past from readings and previous passions.

The 99 Item Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?

Do you have an idea of what a bucket list is or what one consists of?

You know, one of those lists that is all about what you want to do if you ever “kick the bucket”?

Well, this is literally “My Bucket List”, me Richard Narayan. Granted, it’s a bit of an extended bucket list, but that’s all it is really. It could be a fairly boring and long read. It’s like a blog/diary, you wouldn’t want to read my diary, would you?

Up till now you’ve read less than 100 words, not including the title. There over 1000 words remaining, which makes for one long first diary post, LoL…


For those not fully aware of what a bucket list is or how it works, I’ll direct you to two pieces of viewing, the first a Hollywood tale of two friends fulfilling adventures of life before their end of their days in  “The Bucket List”. The movie starring Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson along with Morgan Freeman.

Another small screen series of comedic capers episode of Jason Lee as Earl Hickey in “My Name is Earl”. Earl, who wins $100,000 in the lottery and decides to right all the wrongs from his past with his new found realisation.

Unfortunately, I’ve not won the lottery just yet, so will have to go about my list the old-fashioned way, with no shortcuts. I’ve a few wrongs to right as did Early and Bucket List to fulfil. It’s funny, when thinking of Morgan Freeman, I refer to as “The Black Amithabh Bachchan”); voiceover artist for almost everything in a genre of cinema. Whereby you can’t recite his name without doing so in his master’s voice.


So, as with all great things, there must be a beginning. There must be a point of origin, the birth of idea, a point of inception. An idea is a crazy and dangerous thing, like a fire of sorts. If you were going to have a bucket list, why would it be short or limited? We are limited only by our dreams and our ideas.

Ironically, I hadn’t envisaged writing or keeping a blog of any kind to date. As a kid I’d enjoyed writing and loved making lists. However, funnily enough, I remember laughing at friends who’d kept diaries in the past, even thought I’d tried to read said diaries out of sheer curiosity. I have friends whom enjoy writing and find the literary experience quite therapeutic. I now find myself writing in therapy and thinking about the profoundness of life as a whole while also compiling that which is My Bucket List.

I apologise beforehand, as I hate to disappoint you; this is not the complete story of that point origin, we will cover that in great depth another time. What this is however is the first; the first blog post on this blog and the first of many. For I’ve pre-written a series of blogs scheduled to post which I’d not yet gotten around to.

Every once in a while, we all have a strange little brain-fart that tells us that we should either do something different or try something a little new, this is that little brain fart online. This is 99ThingsToDoBeforeIDie.Com, a little more than just a blog, more like a lifelong bucket list, a personal journal and a post-education journey of self-discovery.

As with any bucket-list, some items tend to be of greater significance while others just list-fillers. A list of things to do is aspirational and concretes the idea of doing something.


It is somewhat poignant, but there will be an ongoing theme and that is that #ItStartsWithADream. A dream without a plan is merely a dream. Put goals, plans and actions into your dreams to create your own reality. #DareToDream and believe that anything is possible. For every object/idea you come into contact with was once an idea dreamed up by an individual; from the roads we drive on, television to watch, to the mobile which is a common invention, to the advent of the internet, even up to things we take for granted such as bottled water.

How I Derived Meaning


Mainstream education gives you a broad spectrum of knowledge and you may excel greater in a one area over another. I remember many report cards always saying the same thing:

  1. Vivid imagination
  2. Able not willing
  3. Chooses to finish his work and then distract others


A book I read which changed the fibre of my being. Knowledge can be scary in the way that upon learning, you cease to remain as you once were.


An inspiring video I remember seeing as short while ago, recommended to me by a good close friend, “Casey Neistat – Do What You Can’t”. Enjoy the video…

When I look back in history to every report-card I’d received from a long line of academics from primary through secondary to higher education, they tended to follow very similar tones. There is an irony in being told you’re both “able and not willing”, when you yourself question your ability. Being told you have a “vivid imagination” is both priceless, and yet there is no real monetary reward or value through the conventional education system. Barring, “finishes his work and distracts others”, I think I’ve applied myself relatively well. Maybe I could have been better, maybe I could have been worse…

Fundamentally this is my blog to prove to myself that I can!

Alongside this blog, I’ll be launching other projects of importance to me.

Dedicated to The Daydreamers

I have a friend who started a relatively inspiring blog about spreading positive messages and she also reintroduced me to the above video which formed the first post in her blog, so as a dedication, I took have included the same. These are merely words and anecdotes and experiences to share with the world. I figured there’s a lot I have experienced which I would love to at some point share, but at the same time, there’s much I have yet to do, my journey will be shared.


Feel free to check out the blog, I figured if I generate traffic to her website, it forces her to blog more often.

Its Not That Hard

That’s what she said! It’s also what he said. It’s what they all seem to say until it’s their turn to do it. But then, you’d be fairly surprised at how difficult something may seem until you firstly have a go and try.

If you know what you’re doing, it takes less than an hour to purchase a domain, get access to some basic online web-hosting and most of which tend to come fully equipped with a range of blogging and online tools.

How To End A Blog Post?

Erm, after ranting on all this time and limited actual to no experience of blogging, signing off is a little alien. I think I’ll leave it with something simple as:

  • Follow the social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Feel free to comment and share
  • If you find any typos or want to get in touch, feel free to do so on info@99ThingsToDoBeforeIDie.com

Thanks for reading and wishing you all the best for now. Here’s hoping you work on your own list of 99 Things To Do…


The complimentary VLOG to go along with the BLOG, even though I was told I have a face for radio…

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