All good things once started of life as a simple idea.

Ideas and dreams tend to have a life of their own and where they will go or how they will evolve, nobody tends to know. I too had one such idea, and if you’re reading this, you’re about to join me on my journey of fulfilling my simple idea.

This blog hopefully serves you well and inspires you, even just a little. This blog is both ME and YOU. This is a journey of compound growth. If anything in these following posts assist you in any way, then I was glad to be of service.

Clear blue sky with one single cloud on the left and a outline of a lightbulbwth the filament reading ideas.


So, you’re here and reading this blog?

I should probably add a disclaimer, that I take no real responsibility for any content posted here as it’s predominantly for personal progress.

I quite like the South Park disclaimer which I shall quote below:

South Park Disclaimer in black and white which reads: All Characters and events in this show -- even those based on real people -- are entirely fictional. All celebrity voices are impersonated... poorly. The following program contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone
Conputer illustrated image of green thumb pointing upwards and red thumb downwards on white background

The above in mind, this post is probably rife with spelling and grammatical errors, lack of context in numerous areas, at times some bits may go off on a tangent, like now, so you have been warned.

If you choose to read on, I will take this opportunity to apologise in advance as this is my personal blog and place of GROWTH. Hopefully this blog aids in you developing more of a growth mindset.


Had I kept a journal or diary, reading those would be just as boring as reading my blog. I’m a fairly simple guy, so I don’t envisage holding your interest for very long. This isn’t much if I’m honest, it’s nothing more than a short blog I thought I’d keep of my BUCKET LIST. You know what a bucket list is, right? More on this later…

Computer illustrated image depicting evolution of ape to man in five steps

The main takeaway point is that I’m at a transitional point in life, in a variety of areas including, work, education, home, relationship status, emotionally, finding my purpose in life, achieving my dreams, following my aspirations, and having always wanted to do so many things and thinking I’d never have the opportunity to do them if I let life take over rather than take control of my own life. In these dire economic and financial times, I figured it even more appropriate to have a bucket list, either we’ll find out it was orchestrated as a media/deep-state controlled hysteria event or this is really happening and some of us genuinely won’t make it. I always thought they’re take me out by taking out the plane, difficult as I rarely fly, single casualty among many leads to less pointing fingers.



So, at some point, I had to make a list. All of these thoughts going around in your head all at once. You have to find some logical way to organise all the chaos. A list is sometimes necessary in terms of organisation and prioritisation.

Call this a midlife crisis or awakening, however without a structured list, we tend to lose sight of our to-do’s. We live life and forget to be true to ourselves and live with regret. So, I figured there are always specific things we want to and need to do; however, my list couldn’t be short as my scatterbrain wouldn’t allow it to.

If you were to picture all of the things you ever wanted to do in this world or all of the things you wanted to own or places you wanted to go, you probably couldn’t memorise them all, until you physically wrote them down and made a note of them all in some logical format.


99 has become a common number in society; you have the: 99c store; most prices ending in 99; having 99 problems and a ***** not being one.

If you have to define a list, you have to define its parameters, so I figured, 100 seemed like a large number, its 3 whole digits and 99 being the last 2-digit number.

As you can tell from the domain, 99 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE.


This is more of an idea than a blog, to have a list of things to do and accomplishments. Unfortunately, now more than ever 23/03/2020, stuck indoors, lock-down is a ***** (same word as above). So anyway, I figured, there’s a logic an importance to a list.

I made a decent list; at least working on one. For why have a short list? Well, essentially due to the fact that eternity is a long time and most people fault on their new year’s resolution as soon as they set them. Normally eternity would be a long time, as strange a time as we’re in, it’s good to have small milestones or future targets and goals for “different times”. Besides, how long would it take someone fault on their own life plan?

Rear of mock white jersey with print on rear stating: 99 problems

Our days maybe numbered, however why choose to not live to the full or within dream and aspiration for the rest of our days? Being a daydreamer at heart, I can’t see why one would not want to have a goal-setting lifestyle.


Image of ringbound notepad with pencil rested on pad which reads To Do List and 7 blank bullet points

Our days maybe numbered, however why choose to not live to the full or within dream and aspiration for the rest of our days? Being a daydreamer at heart, I can’t see why one would not want to have a goal-setting lifestyle.

You’d also expect if you’re currently reading this statement to shortly be followed be said list, 99 items on a checklist.

WRONG! The list is yet to follow.



If you’ve made it this far, if anything you should probably ask yourself what would go on your Bucket List or what would be your 99 Things, or at least I would hope you have…

It’s an EMPOWERMENT thing! it’s like when you talk yourself out of a good idea or wanting to do something and then think NAHHH, but deep down you wanted to do it. Could have easily been some simple things:

  1. Go to a specific place in the world
  2. Learn a new skill of some sort
  3. Do something creative that you’d wanted to do
  4. Play an instrument
  5. Even do a skydive (somebody just got the chills)
  6. Earn more money!
Montage of 6 images: image one contains a beach holiday, image two contains a pile of money, image three contains open tins of paint alongside clean paintbrushes, image four contains an aerial view of a skydive, image five contains a collage of a list of skills (including learning, knowledge, experience, competence, skills, ability, training and growth) and image six contains a sheet of music

C’mon, at least one of you reading thought, “yeh, a little more money would be nice”. In the monetised system we live in, to have in greater abundance would probably be ideal.

Artistically transformed text saying full steam ahead

So once again, back to the point, I too made a LIST (see above domain name, DUH!). It would have been shorter, but my fatal flaw tends to be that once I have an idea, I tend to run with it. And I do tend to have a few ideas brewing.

I think it’s a scatterbrain thing and having some random thought patterns. Like imagine the roots of a tree going off in all directions at once. If you have an idea, run with it. Right?


There’s no real point in having a good idea if you’re not going to do something with it. If you can continuously kaizenistically improve, why would you not?

Know that this is for me, however anybody else reading this right now would most likely admit that they are not yet the best version of them that they can be. We get caught up in routines and aspire for the end of the week (weekend) while not valuing the week and time itself. We shouldn’t always settle and should aim look to keep growing and aspire for a better way of life. A seed wouldn’t merely stop at being a seed.


Image of 3 plant pots, plant pot from left to right shows growth of sapling to miniature tree


Ironically, all of the above are doable in most people’s lives and lifestyles and we don’t really have an excuse as to why we don’t work just a little harder. If you can apply yourself to your full potential, you should do so as testament and justice to your being and privilege among all those whom would have thrived for the opportunity to be in your place in this lifetime.

I’ve wanted to do so much for such a long time and found excuses to not follow though. The below definitely make it onto my bucket list for one reason or another:

  • Start A Blog –
  • Learn to Ride a Motorbike –
  • Play A Musical Instrument –
  • Start A Business –
  • Go on Holiday –
  • Read A Book –
  • Take Part in a Motor Race –
  • Get One Homeless Person off the Street –
Stock image of a blue clipboard holding a white piece of paper, 2 ticks on a list and a pencil by the side

Well, other than starting a BLOG which this technically is, that leaves around 98 things left to do on a lifelong bucket list. I had to make a list at some point of things yet to achieve, logically you should start NOW, any other time in the future is simply too far.


So as with the list of items above, those are already on the list, along with many more.

Notice how all of the above things could easily be one anyone’s list and not entirely out of grasp, and rather than living a life to routine, we can create a little time to do stuff that matters.



There is great important emphasis on LISTS, checklists and to-dos to keep track of activity and target and goal setting. It’s something they teach kids and students in a variety of fields, ironically adults somewhat forget unless professionally assigned some PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT PLAN (PDP). Most individuals don’t assign themselves one in their personal lives. I’m not too sure why, I previously hadn’t appreciated the value either.

Have dreams, goals and aspirations a thing to put down on paper and make a plan. Make target! Any such plan should be SMART:

Diagram of SMART Targets: Specific, Measurable, Achieable, Realistic and Timescaled

While typing this, I realise this is also somewhat my inner-voice or internal monologue, so as I read, I question and assess whether my current goals and targets meet any previous or current goals set. If you’re reading up till now, feel free to get a piece of paper and write down any 5 goals or targets. Fuck it, what else are you doing?

If you’ve written something down and still reading or still reading without having written anything down, you probably do acknowledge target and goalsetting is important for personal growth and development.



So, for now, that’s a wrap! That’s blog one done! Apologies in advance for numerous and prolific typing errors. Although as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and most great works are iterative and tend to get better with time. Set small goals and have small dreams, then have bigger goals and bigger dreams. For nothing should limit your capacity to dream.

Ideally, this is going to be a regular thing, will keep posting and fortunately/unfortunately I tend to be full of bright ideas, so will have more projects launch over the course of 2020. Some of which you may be able to get involved in…




If you found this useful, feel free to share…!


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